CKEditor 4 Changelog ==================== ## CKEditor 4.5.10 Fixed Issues: * [#10750]( Fixed: The editor does not escape the `font-style` family property correctly, removing quotes and whitespace from font names. * [#14413]( Fixed: The [Auto Grow]( plugin with the [`config.autoGrow_onStartup`](!/api/CKEDITOR.config-cfg-autoGrow_onStartup) option set to `true` does not work properly for an editor that is not visible. * [#14451]( Fixed: Numeric element ID not escaped properly. Thanks to [Jakub Chalupa](! * [#14590]( Fixed: Additional line break appearing after inline elements when switching modes. Thanks to [dpidcock](! * [#14539]( Fixed: JAWS reads "selected Blank" instead of "selected " when selecting a widget. * [#14701]( Fixed: More precise labels for [Enhanced Image]( and [Placeholder]( widgets. * [#14667]( [IE] Fixed: Removing background color from selected text removes background color from the whole paragraph. * [#14252]( [IE] Fixed: Styles drop-down list does not always reflect the current style of the text line. * [#14275]( [IE9+] Fixed: `onerror` and `onload` events are not used in browsers it could have been used when loading scripts dynamically. ## CKEditor 4.5.9 Fixed Issues: * [#10685]( Fixed: Unreadable toolbar icons after updating to the new editor version. Fixed with [6876179]( in [ckeditor-dev]( and [6c9189f4]( in [ckeditor-presets]( * [#14573]( Fixed: Missing [Widget]( drag handler CSS when there are multiple editor instances. * [#14620]( Fixed: Setting both the `min-height` style for the `` element and the `height` style for the `` element breaks the [Auto Grow]( plugin. * [#14538]( Fixed: Keyboard focus goes into an embedded `